Cutting Through

10 September 2017

So how do I cut though in the medium of photography? How do great photographs cut through? One way is examine it a little further. If a photograph is closest to memory, with memory comes the…

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Ways of Seeing

10 June 2017

Your way of seeing comes from within you, not from your subject matter. Unless you want to use the camera (or your chosen medium) to merely record what is in front of you. Nothing is objective…

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Learning From Another Medium

28 May 2017

It can be very useful to apply insights from one creative medium to a different medium in order to deepen understanding in both mediums. Previously I wrote that music is a direct expression of emotions. Yet…

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At the Coalface of the Unknown

11 April, 2017

To me, creativity is sitting right at the coalface of the unknown. This takes courage because failure is imminent. Ego likes certainty and security, which is the known. So the basis of the view that I am…

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The 'Path' of True Creativity 

March 12, 2017 

"If there is a path before you, it is not your path" Joseph Campbell 

I find it useful, for any creative endeavour, to have a look into the nature of creativity itself. My first caveat is…

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Art Comes From Life 

January 26, 2016 

Any type of art practice is the consistent, structured application of practices and methodologies to concepts that centre around meaning making and communication. The process is integral to the result. It is multi-disciplinary, experiential, and is…

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The Act of Photographing 

February 10, 2015 

A photograph is essentially an object, an object on a wall, in your hand, on a page, or on your screen. It is two dimensional. It is usually rectangular, or, if the photograph is square in…

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A Crisis of Construction 

April 15, 2012 

That we construct our own reality is a fiction. To construct reality, we would have to be apart from it, outside of it, in order to construct it. This is absurd. Yet this is the state…

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The Art of Emptiness 

January 25, 2012 

Is this image that of a flat piece of land set against a blue sky, or is it a table top against a wall? Our perception may allow us to recognise it as both. 


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