"I am a composer and photographer. I am interested in and influenced by different perspectives which I also enjoy writing about.

I am drawn to art, music and philosophies that extend from a natural basis. I like economy of means, simplicity with depth, a direct approach.  I am influenced by silence; a quiet study that reveals a deeper meaning beneath the surface. The potential of music and photography to transcend the ordinary is what compels me to explore new horizons."


Darren has collaborated with visual artist Scott Raylor and the painter Ruby Purple. He has held successful solo exhibitions in Sydney and Brisbane. He has produced three albums, published two art photography books, and been published in the Silvershotz Journal of Fine Art Photography (a prestigious publication promoting fine art photography world-wide) and in the Photo Compendium Australia.  

Darren is a qualified creativity coach and counsellor. He taught photography at Brisbane North Institute of TAFE on a casual basis from 2010 - 2014, and also teaches and mentors on a private basis. He currently lives in Brisbane with his partner and two cats and works in the disability sector.